The Wedge Overlook

We drive through juniper and pinion woodland  following the few signs to our destination, The Wedge Overlook in the southwestern state of Utah. Familiar with Utah’s unique rock formations – land bridges, arches and hoodoos (weathered rock columns), we had never heard of The Wedge Overlook until our dear friend Mark insisted we stop there on our journey east.

The Wedge is a section of the “Little Grand Canyon” in the San Rafael Swell, 2000 acres of public land in the heart of Utah with deep winding canyons, sandstone rock formations and huge unbroken vistas.

Leaving the highway behind we turn onto a dirt road.  We can’t see what is ahead as we search for a campsite  – the forest blocks our view – but we sense we are approaching something BIG.  At campsite #1, we make a right turn and park next to a fire ring. In the middle of this flat landscape, suddenly we are looking down into an immense canyon. Below us  vertical walls descend  hundreds of feet into a dry winding river bed. It feels like we are standing on the edge of the world.

The silence is stunning – we are the only human visitors. That night we are graced with an explosion of stars.

In the morning we take a walk part way around the rim and see a different view of this monumental sculpture chiseled by wind, water and the shifting of tectonic plates. As the daytime temperature rises, we depart The Wedge,  in awe of this ancient geological wonderland.





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