Baaadlands, South Dakota photos

From inside our van, I am watching the gauge that records the outside air temperature – 101F, 103F – it is 2:15 p.m. Out the window, miles in all directions the South Dakota plains shimmer in the increasing heat – 105F. We are the only car on the road – not surprising.

I ask Chris, “Are you sure you want to go there, maybe we should turn around and take another road?”

We take a vote and decide to press on into Badlands National Park, a huge preserve of over 244,000 acres. And despite the heat that wavers between 103F and reaches as high as 108F, the surreal landscape of jagged eroded peaks, buttes and pinnacles is worth the visit.

Enjoy the slideshow by clicking on the first photo in the gallery and navigate by using the arrows.


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