Sky on Fire

Graced with a magnificent sunset one evening passing through Asheville, North Carolina


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5 Responses to Sky on Fire

  1. seekraz says:

    Like liquid gold…in my imagination, as I’ve never seen such a thing….

    • smallpebbles says:

      Hi, thanks for checking out the old posts, the beginnings of this blog that now continues on in India. Started to blog to share travel pics with friends and now am really appreciating the blogging community.
      Yes, that was an amazing sky, never saw a sunset so immense, so bright, that filled the sky in such a way. Am not in anyway a photographer, just point and shoot…..there is so much magnificence everywhere… fortunate to witness! in peace….kai

      • seekraz says:

        Hello, Kai…it has been nice visiting…went all the way back to your beginning…and yes, it is a wonderful blogging community. I’ve been at it for just over three years and have met bunches of great people here…and I’m with you on the “I’m not in any way a photographer…just point and shoot…” that’s me, too…and marveling in the magnificence of nature.

        Will see you around…take care. 🙂

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