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Date Left: August 8, 2012, high noon….Returned: September 24, 2012, 3:30 p.m.

Days Spent on the Road: 48……….Miles Traveled: 9,515

Lost: two hubcaps and upon occasion our sense of humor (especially in NY city traffic!)

HELLO everyOne!!

We have returned from our nomadic cross-country venture – full of impressions from this amazing life-manifestation expressing itself in oh so many ways.

Traveling across country and back, without pre-determined destinations (except for the few pre-arranged visits) our human lenses opened to an endless array of color and movement. From the grays of foggy San Francisco, to the ochres and pinks of the western desert plateau and high-canyon walls, the waving greens of corn in the mid-west (and the dusty-yellows of mile after mile of dried corn), to cerulean and blue-grey waters of lakes Michigan,Ontario and Erie, to rich carpets of cadmium green lawns in Kentucky and Pennsylvania and the red-brick buildings, and the color of steel and granite in Chicago, Washington and New York City.

Riding day after day, mile after mile over the earth’s outer body, we felt the change in her surface structure within our own bodies. Tuned into her crevasses and towering pitches, her brittle hardness and soft sandy features, a landscape that can roll and change dramatically within a few blinks or a few miles, we felt privileged to be anointed once again by her marvelous charms.

It wasn’t just the majesty of this great landscape that stole our hearts, it was the people too – as everywhere we went we were met with kindness. Without pinning ourselves to a route we “listened afresh” and what we heard underneath the rumbling of Interstate traffic, the clicks of crickets, the crackling of our campfire wood, the voices everywhere in every town, was the ever present sound of silence.

And now, smallpebbles blog moves on. Soon we head east, not to eastern America again but east to India (with a short stop in Thailand). Please keep checking in with blogsite – we plan to continue with fresh stories and pictures from the land of chaos and light.

For all of you who visited our site and expressed your interest in smallpebbles – many many thanks! And for some additional visuals, check out the slideshow!

Chris and Kai Inside Covered Bridge, Madison County, Iowa

“Real happiness abides in Self-knowledge alone.
All else is fleeting.
To know one’s Self
is to be blissful always”
“Your own Self-Realization
is the greatest service you can
render the world”
–Ramana Maharshi–

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