In the Courtyard of Happy Monks

Is is still quiet on the streets in Chiang Mai, which is why I head out to the Buddhist temples before the tuk-tuks, red trucks and cars hit the streets in large numbers.

My first temple visit today takes me into a compound with graceful teak buildings. At the far end, surrounded by a sea of green foliage, a statue of Buddha sitting near a pond gleams in the early morning light. Clay candle holders lie around the ponds perimeter evidence of the ‘festival of lights’ I missed the night before.

Golden Buddha Shines

Clay and Coconut Candle Holders

Young monks pick up the candles and clean the compound.

Cleaning the Compound – What’s Up!

Gathering Clay Candle Holders

Two mythological creatures with bulging eyes arise from the pond

Water Guardians

On my way out of the compound I stop before a standing Buddha  – his palm faces forward in the  traditional gesture of blessing.

Buddha’s Blessing

Sunday is a busy day at the temples – a colorful day too. Here comes the balloon seller.

        Balloons Anyone?

Monks struggle to carry an “offering tree” from the temple.

Carrying the Offering Tree

Musicians off to one side of the compound play traditional instruments.

Traditional Thai Bell Instrument


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin –

In peace….


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