Lotus Jewel

Around eleven a.m. today

I stopped back at the lotus pond, wanting to have a look. I walked down the cement steps and squatted in some algae muck that was growing along the lower edges of the cement tank. The flowers were open, spreading their petals to the sun.


It is no wonder the lotus flower has been used as a spiritual symbol in many traditions.

The heart lotus, like the flower – tender, beautiful, magnificent.




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8 Responses to Lotus Jewel

  1. pseudomonaz says:

    Beautiful flowers.We didn’t have lotuses here in our place due to the extreme cold climate. My uncle though made a small tank and filled it with wet mud and finally succeeded in growing lotuses. Such lovely flowers they are.

    • smallpebbles says:

      How nice to have lotuses where you live! They grow in several local ponds here, but of course, tend to disappear to the flower sellers. shanti……kai

  2. sethsnap says:

    Beautiful flowers.

  3. Divine Photos! Thank you!
    with Love, Joy and Peace,

  4. This photo has brightened my morning. Thank you.

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