Green Awakening

Today a friend and I walked the 14 km. (81/2 mile) circuit around the Mountain Arunachala. For those not familiar, Arunachala is a potent abode of deep peace in South India. The Mountain’s  presence attracts people from all walks of life, innumerable countries, religious and spiritual backgrounds.

We have walked around this Mountain many times over many years. And each time, there is a quality of it being the first time (and isn’t it?).

In the late morning, after a brief rest for our tired legs, we passed the remains of an old temple. At the same moment we both exhaled and my friend said, “Yes, look at that!”


Tree Growing from Brick Wall, Tiruvannamalai, South India

Intertwined within a brick wall we witnessed a small tree of stark beauty appearing to  grow directly from the bricks – no part on the front or backside of the wall was touching the ground.  A closer look showed the tree had taken root in an empty space where bricks had fallen away. There was little evidence of any kind of soil, so on what, and how was this tree surviving?


Turning in the opposite direction we saw another growth of roots emerging from the wall.


On the third wall (the fourth wall did not exist), two small leaves stood in bright newborn contrast against the aging red bricks.


Those two small leaves seemed like a testament to life against all odds –  a silent prayer, a joyful benediction to our wondrous human eyes –

….the  greening of awakening. 

A blessed New Year everyONE! 


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  1. Marsha Somers says:

    Got it this afternoon and my favorite so far!! Thank you for a great New Year midday!


  2. Marsha Somers says:

    Page not found is all I could get. would love to see it.


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