Peace Monkey Mountain

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a warm morning walking down the rocky slope of the Mountain Arunachala. Butterflies flit from from flower to flower, trees and plants sway in the breeze, and bird calls dance on the wind. More than halfway down the Mountain I notice the tops of the trees bending a bit and see a blurred figure fly through the air. Ah, here are the langur monkeys making sport in the trees next to the path, the flying Tarzans who can leap horizontally 12 – 15 feet and 35 – 40 feet on a descent. One langur sits in a tree two feet away munching on red berries.

Langur Monkey Enjoying Berry Breakfast, Arunachala, South India

Langur Monkey Enjoying Berry Breakfast, Arunachala, South India

This group of silver-coated black-faced (mostly) herbivores living on this part of the Mountain are used to humans. Normally shy, langurs are gentle peaceful creatures (unless the head male is under threat by a young contender or one group of langurs is fending off another). Unlike the smaller brown monkeys who are curious, mischievous, snatch human parcels and run off with the goods, langurs appear content to munch on leaves, fruits, grass and what they can find in the forest rather than biscuits and endless bananas.

Sitting unmoving on a tree branch with their long tails hanging down into the air, silver-grey coats sparkling in the sun, they bring to mind the Hindu monkey-god called Hanuman, a name they are sometimes called. There is a majesty about them, a silence and a most welcome sight.

Langur Monkey berries


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  1. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Langurs are truly elegant monkeys. The last time I was in Tiru one of the stone carvers told me he had seen something totally new for him that morning on the way up the mountain. There was a family grouping of langurs sitting in a circle, passing around a newborn baby. Each monkey held the baby close, nuzzled and kissed it and passed it on to the next monkey. They were familiarizing the monkey with its extended family! Definitely more evolved than those naughty little brown guys!

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