None and All

It was the lotus pond sparkling in the sun,

it was the waving of the flame before the shrine of a little

known awakened one,

it was the dog drinking my chai.


 It was the sharing of simple food on banana leaves,

 it was the care of the sadhu who has nothing but gives all,

 it was sitting in silence with friends gazing at a sacred Mountain.

 It was none of this and all……


A flower opens each moment the heart sheds its cover.

Nothing and everything,

it was none of this and all



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6 Responses to None and All

  1. reikiheidi says:

    “it was none of this and all” – beautiful!

  2. I took the liberty of borrowing this post and putting it in my blog, with due acknowledgement. Beautiful simplicity, as in all of your entries. Thank you. AM

  3. aalif says:

    So beautiful… ‘the sadhu who has nothing but gives all’… and so profound!!

    • smallpebbles says:

      Thanks for responding Aalif……here in Tiruvannamalai there are many sadhus – some sparkle with humility and an inner freedom, passing along whatever comes their way. in peace…..kai

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