Footsteps in Silence

Wandering Sadhu, Tiruvannamalai, South India

Wandering Sadhu, Tiruvannamalai, South India

He traveled light on the road,

with few earthly possessions –

bags, small pot, walking stick, the clothes on his body –

sleeping on the hard ground, eating what is given (or not),

weathered by the elements and life on the road.


A simple life, unadorned, moved by the wind and an invisible compass.

 I did not know where he came from or where he was going.

Why exchange information when the wordless says it all?


We met in the land of heart – the silent unknown –

– that holds all opposites in a pool of Love.  


Little Possessions, Big Smile, LIfe on the Spiritual Road


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7 Responses to Footsteps in Silence

  1. seekraz says:

    I would imagine that his is a harsh life, viewed from the “comfort” of my American home, but imagine, too, that there is much to envy about it, as well. And yes, that language of silence…wonderful silence…. Thank you, Kai.

    • smallpebbles says:

      In India, to give up the “normal” lifestyle and seek Truth is not considered strange, instead living a life style of renunciation is mostly appreciated and honored. And I am always astonished and touched at some of the sadhus I have been privileged to meet, who have given up all comforts to seek within. Not an easy lifestyle, as you said, and yet……our real joy comes from within ay? thanks Scott for your heart comments……shanti..shanti….kai

  2. caimbeul says:

    Indeed my friend, silence is often the language of sincere and devoted intent.

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