Skyward in Silence


Ancient Pipal Tree, Tiruvannamalai, South India

It stands in the back streets, tucked away from the

noisy sea of moving bodies and frenzied traffic on the main roads.

An ancient pipal tree – a towering pageantry of nature – living and growing in a small compound where people have prayed for over 1000 years. Around the base stone deities have found a resting ground, and white threads circle the broad girth of a tree that has lived through human dynasties and expanding changes in the surrounding landscape.


Stone Deities Sit at the Base of the Pipal Tree

Sacred to Hindus and Buddhists, this stately tree is one of many pipal trees in India, providing  shade for all beings who come to sit or circle its base in benediction.

The Buddha sat under a pipal tree and awakened to his true nature. How many anonymous ones have sat and realized under these giants that can grow 100 feet high.

“Know peace here pilgrim,” whispers this wise one. 

The illusion of a separate self fades in the shadow of its effulgent canopy…  


Soaring Skyward Pipal Tree, Tiruvannamalai, South India


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  1. caimbeul says:

    Wonderful post. What a gift, this this and all trees that grace the earth with their patience.


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