Sunrise Silence

Namaste EveryONE! 

We are soon leaving Tiruvannamalai, South India and heading for Kodaikanal – in the same state of Tamil Nadu but at higher altitude (an nice escape from the approaching heat!).

Our stay there will be outside the main town at a small Zen Center in the green, lush hills. We will be sitting in meditation, with some days in total silence. So, this is to let you know that smallpebbles will be posting intermittently for the next month or so. We will post from the Kodai Hills when we can – and will do our best to read yours!

A Loving Embrace to All Your Beautiful Hearts – In Silence and Peace,

Kai and Chris

This mornings photo – a sunrise over the sacred Mountain Arunachala!




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  1. So sublime! What a gift to be under this sky at Arunachala! I have been to Kodaikanal – it is wonderful, much cooler, very pleasant. We even needed a blanket at night! Shanti Om!

  2. ram0ram says:

    timeless in time picture ….. divine beauty at its best …… thanks for catching it …… love all.

  3. vision5d2012 says:

    dear Kai and Chris — this has to be one of the most exquisite sunrises I have ever seen. I am sending the link to Tomas, because Ramana and this mountain are so dear to him. Thanks for the heads up about your intermittent posting. Enjoy the silence. Namaste, Alia

    • vision5d2012 says:

      Just wanted to add that I believe this is definitely a 5D sunrise. May I use it as an illustration for my series on Aurora? Not sure where yet but I’ll find someplace. With proper credit, of course. ♥

    • smallpebbles says:

      Thanks Alia – that photo was taken from the roof of the house we had been renting for many years in Tiru. It was our last morning there – later that day we moved out, put things in storage then jumped on a train to Kodaikanal. Seemed a fitting sky for our exit! Now as you know we are in the Kodai Hills…’s beautiful here, will be posting soon. Hello to Tomas, think he may enjoy the Arunachala photo. hugs and shanti…..kai

      • Thank you, Kai! Here is a very interesting info re: cosmic event in March:
        ☼ ♥ tomas

      • vision5d2012 says:

        Yes, Tomas like the Arunachala Sunrise very much and has been to the Kodai Hills also — says it’s called Little Switzerland in India. I never made it to South India when I was there in 1971, so I love all your photos and description of this part of the country that I only travel to in my imagination.

  4. You bring Light to the World. I wish to acknowledge your work, so I chose to bring attention and hopefully more readers, to your site with these nominations. Namaste.

    • smallpebbles says:

      Don’t know if you got my other reply Julie. But want to send heart thanks for your nomination. I will take a better look at it on your blog later. Somehow I have been reluctant to accept such things, but certainly appreciate your acknowledgement. Peace! kai

  5. caimbeul says:


  6. seekraz says:

    What a beautiful image, Kai…wonderful mountain morning.

  7. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Stunning photo. Enjoy the Silence in your next abode!

  8. marga t. says:

    Sitting with you, here!

  9. dadirri7 says:

    thank you, namaste 🙂

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