Too Simple

Recipe for Peace:

Lie in the grass

in the shade of the tree

with the sun kissing your toes –

have a cup of tea near at hand,

and Relaaaaaax.



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8 Responses to Too Simple

  1. Yes! I like “sun kissing your toes…” Delightful! ☼ tomas

  2. dadirri7 says:

    perfect … but we cant lie in the grass here where kangaroos and wallabies graze all around us … the grass is full of ticks just waiting for a tasty warm body to latch onto …but i can sit on the seat by the lily pond and let the sun kiss my toes!

    • smallpebbles says:

      Oh! Sorry about the ticks! But the lily pond sounds lovely! Of course, many places are without grass…..but we can always sit or lie somewhere in nature ay, even on a rock or a small patch of sand, somewhere our bodies connect with earth and our minds and hearts sink into Silence. Thanks for commenting!! Hugs!

  3. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Yes Amy, AAAAAAHHHHHH indeed. Great prescription for peace.

  4. Amy says:


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