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Ancient Heartscapes

   On a hot Sunday afternoon we walked a steep trail to visit ancient dwellings near the Gila River in New Mexico. Discovered by archeologists in the late 1800’s, the area was a corridor traversed by people as far back as 10,000 … Continue reading

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Lessons on Love from a Rat

     Walking back to my desert retreat I saw something unusual hanging down from a wire cage surrounding a young tree. It was dangling in free-fall, its hind-quarters pinned inside the wire cage. Eyes closed, pink ear lobes quivering, … Continue reading

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Desert Concerto

And here are the instruments…..

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Desert Friends, Sparkling Presence

The desert in southern New Mexico –  arid, wild winds – sand paper skin, cracked heels, vast views, blazing night skies. Rabbits, squirrels, mice, rats, deer, coyote, lizards, birds, cholla, yucca, pear cactus, piñon, juniper….and silence. Staying in the desert … Continue reading


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Awed into Silence

In this desert wonderland  I walk the dry earth surrounded by cacti. Playful winds send my straw hat flying. . In the early morning hours cries of coyotes sound Like high holy notes, wild and haunting. .  I stand outside … Continue reading

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