In the Desert Heart

Buddha in the Garden

Buddha in the Garden

It is four-thirty a.m. in the desert –

And oh so many stars!

Against a pitch-black curtain,

Points of light crackle with silence.


It is cold, and wrapped

In flannel vest and wool scarf

I walk a slow, steady pace by flash light

To a small stone building, a former Catholic chapel.


Here, alone in the pre-dawn light

My meditation cushion is like an island

That gives just enough support

For muscle and tissue to relax.


On my little island, the mind is watched,

And what a show it gives!

Of grasping and grabbing,

To a past event, a future course of action.


Clamoring for attention –

Attempting to convince a sitter of its relevance.

Until it settles down, rather bored of repetition.


Humans have been sitting and looking

Into their vast inner sky asking

“Who Am I?”

For as long as feet have impressed steps on earth.


“Who Am I?”

That is unchanging, without

name, story, form, without any conclusion.


In the asking, and looking

Words disappear and so does the sitter…

 .  .  .

A quiet warmth envelopes the room,

Two hours seem like five minutes.

Bells ring in the distance,

I stand up and bow to my little island.

Bells Against the Sky

Bells Against the Sky

The sun has eaten the night sky.


Again I walk a short path to join others

In prayer before breakfast.


Prayer and gratitude,

For all that IS.



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19 Responses to In the Desert Heart

  1. A wonderfully evocative description of meditation! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. You take us there with you ~ wonderful! namaste’ ☼tomas

  3. marga t. says:

    I love the voice you give to the mind – trying to “convince” of its “relevance,” beautiful to the ear and helpful with the recognition.

  4. Thank you for taking me with you on that sacred encounter with emptiness. So beautiful!

  5. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Ahhhhhhh. Om

  6. lauriesnotes says:

    So good to hear from you and shate in these moments.
    Much love-

  7. KM Huber says:

    Beautiful, especially, “the sun has eaten the night sky.” Thank you!

  8. dadirri7 says:

    bliss … sublime poetry 🙂

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