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Nature Breathes

As the sun sets, A quiet evening observing People fishing By a small lake. Poles flick backward then extend, Lines sink into liquid. Waiting, noticing, Movements within the deep. Muffled voices, heron cries, oars slapping water – The only sounds … Continue reading


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Winds of Change

On any given day, we can hold our face towards the sky, breathe in, breathe out. Take in the beauty as it expresses itself in form. And then, unexpectedly, a mild tranquil scene can change into havoc unleashed. Such was … Continue reading

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Morning Ambrosia

In the magical kingdom of earthly delights…. We traveled along a tree-lined path carrying plastic bags. It was already heating up on a recent Iowa morning. I could feel the sweat seeping through my pores – velvet liquid accumulated under … Continue reading

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Road of Peace

On the road again, heading back from Iowa to California. Posts may be more intermittent, but just wanted to send a bouquet of PEACE. And thanks for all of you, mySelf, whose eyes may have wandered here.

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I want both of us to start talking about this great love as if You, I, and God were all married and living in a tiny room, helping each other to cook, do the wash, weave and sew, and care … Continue reading

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