Hidden in the Graveyard


Greetings from Fairfield, Iowa

This is our second visit, we came here late last summer and liked it so much decided to return. The turning of spring into summer is bringing forth lots of flowers, and green explosions everywhere.

Today, on a little jaunt through some quiet neighborhoods I ended up at the local cemetery.  I was walking on the grass, looking at the gravestones (many dated back to the early 1800’s) when I happened to see this…

ImageTake a closer look…


Huddled up against a gravestone were two baby rabbits. I had to control the human urge to touch soft and cuddly, I really had to stop these human hands from picking them up – both would fit in my palm. If their mother was still around I thought she may not return if she smelled my human scent. On closer inspection I noticed they were lying on straw, which made me think someone was looking after their well-being. I hoped so!

A strong feeling came to leave them be, and so I walked on trusting that instinct.

Next I saw this critter in the grave yard…


And this one had just eaten a worm…


What a paradox – a place dedicated to Death should harbor so much Life!

Another good reminder to contemplate….Who or What dies?

And now, enjoy this!



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5 Responses to Hidden in the Graveyard

  1. Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

    How beautiful! Thanks for sharing. x

  2. gegebearbear says:

    You have been nominated for the Hug Award! Congratulations! Jill

    • smallpebbles says:

      Dear Ones – in humble thanks for thinking of my blog for this award. I so feel your heart in your posts. I have so far not been putting blog awards on my site (maybe that will change, will see), although I do so much appreciate the caring. So for now, my heart will receive your kindness and send it back in kind. Peace and Hugs! kai

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