On the Road to Nowhere

Rolling along the back roads of the mid-west. 

Farmlands and nature, mile after mile.


First, can someone say anything about a shaggy horse? I mean, have seen plenty of shaggy dogs, shaggy sheep, shaggy human beings – but not a shaggy horse. Didn’t know there were such things. This one we saw somewhere in rural Iowa.


With a Coat like This – Who Cares About Iowa Winters?

And the iconic red barn, our favorite, the one that got our vote – somewhere in rural Nebraska – I think.


There is Something about a Red Barn

And here is the aaaaah photo…..

After hours of driving, looking for a place to spend the night in Iowa we followed a road sign to a campsite. Ended up at Bob White State Park.

As many times as we have been on the road the simplicity of “no fixed destination” revealed itSelf  – again.

……a lake, a bench, birds, mellow sun, soft breeze…. the quiet beauty of what IS.




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5 Responses to On the Road to Nowhere

  1. lauriesnotes says:

    Beautiful. No-destination..love that.

    • smallpebbles says:

      There is a beautiful book titled No Destination, written a number of years ago by Satish Kumar, about the around-the-world journey he and a friend took by foot without any money, for world peace. With the message -there is no destination, nowhere to go, only here now, one step at a time. Hugs!

  2. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Bet there are lots of shaggy horses there after such cold mid-west winters. Looks like that one made it through just fine! XO J

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