Winds of Change


On any given day, we can hold our face towards the sky, breathe in, breathe out. Take in the beauty as it expresses itself in form.

And then, unexpectedly, a mild tranquil scene can change into havoc unleashed. Such was the recent events that leveled an area of houses and a school in Oklahoma City. Such was the power of nature to turn forms made from brick, stone, metal into twisted, bent, broken, unrecognizable shapes – reconfiguring forms and human lives.

Driving back from Iowa this week towards California we passed through Oklahoma City and witnessed the aftermath of the recent tornado. Seeing the impact of such mighty winds and the immensity of destruction was a visual heart-ache and humbling. One huge area that included a school and many homes was leveled, as if King Kong had stomped through mindlessly annihilating matchstick buildings.

Twisted and Bent

Twisted and Bent


A Lone Wheelchair in the Desert

The clean-up was in process. With a few backhoes, workers had begun the arduous process of removing the debris. We saw twisted cars, roofs sheered off of houses, pile after pile of wooden boards, entire sides of houses exposed to view – clothes were still hanging in closets, children’s toys lay around – an eerie testament to happier times.

Metal Dinosaurs

Metal Dinosaurs

Children Played Here

Children Played Here

Block after housing block had been destroyed. It looked like a suburban waste-land. In a few minutes, a tornado had shattered homes and dreams. The immensity of the clean-up appeared like it would take months if not years to complete. And in the meantime, what happens to all the family’s that lost their homes, their belongings, and possibly their loved ones.

Board Hanging in a Tree

Plywood Hanging in a Tree

And now?

One of the Lucky Ones

And yet, we all know how the phoenix can rise out of the ashes. Sometimes the most challenging circumstances can turn our eyes inward. Sometimes nature comes along and forces us to reconsider our lives, to re-evaluate, and possibly to dive deeper, to re-discover the underlying peace, the underlying beauty, the essence of what we truly are.

And so we wish that those affected by the tornado will be able to find strength and loving support through the change. And an inner quiet that nothing, not even a tornado, can disturb.

Sign on Fence of Demolished School

Sign on Fence of Demolished School


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9 Responses to Winds of Change

  1. vision5d2012 says:

    Indeed the “winds of change” are upon us. Here on the Oregon coast we have had a couple of days of 40 mph sustained winds with gusts to 50 or 60 mph. Nothing like tornado but we saw plenty of tempers flare and a certain disorientation because of the relentlessness of the wind. thank you for the reminder that Something greater than us is in charge. The chaos that precedes the New Paradigm is in full swing. There is hope. There is beauty emerging everywhere, even from amidst the rubble of disrupted and broken lives. Blessings to you, Alia

  2. Your photos touched my heart. I simply cannot imagine the sadness and the hope that rises from it. Thanks for sharing. ♥

  3. Liana says:

    thank you…

  4. lauriesnotes says:

    Touching about the inner quiet. ♡L

  5. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Wow, those are really powerful photos! And may many phoenixes continue to rise out of the ashes! Love the Hope sign at the demolished school.

    • smallpebbles says:

      Yes, it sure feel different being there of course, seeing first-hand and feeling the aura of the aftermath. Home ownwers were around picking through the rubble, but almost impossible to do really.Unbelievable the powers of nature.

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