Bird Drink

Going down for a landing!

pigeons in tree

One, two…..


bird in fountain

Hey! I didn’t see you sitting there!

oh hello there

Oops! Didn’t see that either! We may be all One but sure glad I have wings! Ciao!



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12 Responses to Bird Drink

  1. smoothingly says:

    I liked the birds at the waterhole, and then……the CAT! Adorable. Thanks for continuing with this blog. It inspires me.

  2. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    This is great! I have watched birds drinking and bathing for years and love it! And then there are the kitties who love it as well. Great photos!

    • smallpebbles says:

      more birding to come although don’t have the right camera, (need more zoom) but if I sit on the steps, quietly, sometimes they alight from the trees. especially like it when mr. squirrel joins the party, will try to get that photo. xx

  3. lauriesnotes says:

    Love it! Ha ha! 🙂

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