Hollyhocks for Liana

Hollyhocks grow in so many places, they are a hardy lot! And right now in Forest Falls, the pink and red flowers are blooming.


I was going to post pictures of hollyhocks until I saw posted on Liana’s blog (the hour of soft light) lovely photos of hollyhocks. She captured their essence.

I texted her such and she replied she would like to see the flowers through these pair of eyes, so I decided to post them today.


So Liana…..these are for you as well as all you beautiful bloggers who keep it going!


And, if anyone reading this does not know the blog, the hour of soft light….do take a look, the link is below.

Soft Light, Soft Heart, Soft Beauty…




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10 Responses to Hollyhocks for Liana

  1. dadirri7 says:

    so many memories with those hollyhocks, thank you dear friend 🙂

    • smallpebbles says:

      and thanks dear, somehow hollyhocks have been showing up in this world garden this summer, lovely…..

    • Darby says:

      It’s a lovely Ruby Tuesday today! The hholyolck photo is stunning! Such a beautiful flower. I’m sharing a few photos from Midpoint Cafe on Route 66. Lots of red for Ruby Tuesday!Have a great day!Sandy

      • smallpebbles says:

        Sandy, thanks for responding, oh yes hollyhocks – brings smiles to the heart! Do you have a blog, could not get there from the comment. Wishing you a joyful, peaceful now…..kai

  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    These are beautiful. especially the last one.

  3. seekraz says:

    Beautiful photos…and how wonderful for both of you. 🙂

  4. Liana says:

    WOW I’m touched and blushed pink and honored to be mentioned in the context of your beautiful photos…WOW, how completely delightful, my friend!!! THANK YOU 🙂

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