Snake in the House!


This fella/gal came for a visit yesterday, found him/her on the basement stairs. Fortunately.

Could have discovered him/her curled up in the bed, or taking a nap in the shower instead.

Not that King snakes are poisonous…..still.

So we relocated Mr./Mrs. King to the stream bed where he/she promptly slithered under a rock.

The gifts of nature come unexpectedly!



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33 Responses to Snake in the House!

  1. Bugburrypond says:

    Oh you are brave… ! I am thinking about visiting Australia next summer for an extended stay & am already nervous about sneaks & spiders!

  2. dadirri7 says:

    breathtaking beauty!

    • smallpebbles says:

      Well, we have had some small four-leggers running around, think the snake was after them! Have live-trapped many but still we hear some dancing around downstairs at night. This is an old house, and hard to patch up all the holes where mice can slip through. But would rather the snake find a happy home outdoors!

  3. Theresa says:

    I enjoyed this story… We have 3 small garter snakes that stay in the bushes near my front door, and I have thought about what to do if one gets in the house. You gave me the exact procedure, so thank you ahead of time (I think…) Here’s hoping I don’t need the instructions!

    • smallpebbles says:

      thanks Theresa……’tis true, would rather enjoy snakes out in nature, but considering we built over their homes can we blame them if they find a way back in. But, hope your friendly bush snakes prefer the great outdoors!

  4. Erik Andrulis says:

    Cool. Up close and personal. My kids would’ve loved to have seen that!

    • smallpebbles says:

      Totally cool. Your kids would have liked the huge snake we had in our kitchen in India, thought it was a cobra but turned out a to be a rat snake – but huge! And it slithered down into the coils behind the fridge. That was a snake day!

  5. Initial response: A little creepy – an unfortunate learned response
    and inbuilt unconscious primitive fear…
    A rather colourful creature with its own beauty and poise
    and a welcomed visitor of nature.
    Respectfully and gently handled by a gentle soul…

    • smallpebbles says:

      What a poetic commentary! Thanks! It’s interesting to observe those responses and reactions, how much is truly instinctual, and how much is just conditioning, being told ” don’t get near that snake it might hurt you!” Snakes are such fascinating beings, and yes with their own beauty. Have had numerous encounters with snakes in India, and have to say, my initial response is often eeee…..!

      • “Eeee!…”

        Lol!…yep! that’s the initial one then the fascination!
        They seem to be …uncommitting creatures and that i find both an attractive as well as a repelling element and thats where the personal projection interferes.
        You are lucky to have had several encounters as they give you the chance to be more familiarised with their essence.For me the are pictures and symbols, Lol!
        By the way the first kim chee went down the drain with my heart going with it – no chance to trial it- two more waiting in the fridge …long story …still in agonising pain, some day i will return with the full story and hopefully some good news.
        Enjoy a great day with good surprises!

        • smallpebbles says:

          Dear, first to stay so sorry to hear of the pain, and so so wish that it changes and heals! And appreciate your take on snakes, yes, how interesting to watch the “me” respond. Let me know about the kim chee some day. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and light for healing…..all the best…. in peace.

        • Thank you very for the so much needed love and light!
          So very kind of you,will keep in touch…..

  6. Tom McCubbin says:

    I used to have kings around my place, but haven’t seen them for quite awhile, and would probably jump from fright on first viewing one. They are such a gorgeous animal!

  7. omtatjuan says:

    Red and Black venom lack……I’m not taking that chance.. just in case

    • smallpebbles says:

      Ha, that is pretty funny! I would not have either except my partner knows those snakes are not poisonous, now the cobra in the yard in India…..widely stepped around.

  8. In our part of the world, king snakes are black and white. What a gorgeous creature you photographed!

  9. marga t. says:

    So beautiful – I’m curious the actual mechanics of relocation 🙂

    • smallpebbles says:

      Okay, first a bit of running around, what to do!! then my partner loudly asking for a box (I was at the top of the stairs, he the bottom, he walked over the snake then only saw it). I am running around looking for a box, threw that down to him along with gloves, then a flat piece of board. Like catching an insect, the same. He put the box over the snake (fortunately it was curled up on itself and mellow) slid the cardboard underneath and then we walked down to the stream to deliver this beautiful being back to the wilds. – gee that was longwinded! cheers!!

      • marga t. says:

        Thank you for indulging my curiosity – I imagine the way life works, I may need to know this some day! slithery peace 🙂 to you.

        • smallpebbles says:

          Yes Marga, however, if there is a REALLY BIG snake in the house, one that you think may be a cobra, well a small box won’t work! But that is another story…..

  10. OH man, I wish, I really really wish, I could handle a situation like this with such grace!
    I’d scream, and possibly be emotionally damaged for life!;)
    At least, this one has really beautiful colors on it…

  11. Lin says:

    Beautiful colors! But what a surprise it must have been…

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