Down by the Creek

Creek Bed, Forest Falls, CA

Creek Bed, Forest Falls, CA

down by the creek

stones and rocks,

boulders the size of trucks

create a field of white and grey

sprinkled with rust, turquoise and salmon.


it is quiet here, only the sound of water

rushing in an ever downward flow.

an occasional reminder of human life –


shoes left behind,

a plastic bag, a can thrown with disregard.

as the sun descends, the scene is dusted

with a quiet amber calm.

and we disappear, into the Silent night.



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5 Responses to Down by the Creek

  1. Love this. So serene. I’m sitting with the lake in front of me reading your post. Peace like a river … Peace like a lake.

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  3. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Perfect way to say good night to Lord Surya!

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