Cicada On Board

Driving from southern California to southern New Mexico, on our arrival in Silver City, Chris and I met a friend at an outside cafe for lunch.

After we paid our bill, I stood up to leave and a man sitting at the next table said, “Excuse me, but do you know you have a cicada climbing up your leg?”

I glanced down and sure enough, two bulging eyes were staring up at me – a large cicada with diaphanous spring green wings was climbing up my pant leg. It was such a curious looking creature – I pulled out my camera – it posed with a serene countenance.


“Oh, thanks for telling me, didn’t even feel anything,” I replied.

It appeared the creature had mistaken me for a tree. Must have wondered what kind of strange exotic species it had landed on!

I tried to remove it from my pants, but its legs were gripping the cloth, it seemed determined to keep crawling upward. I didn’t relish the thought of a big cicada nesting in my hair, so using the opposite end of a fork I pried it loose and set it on the ground.

In some countries, this “tree cricket” might have been plucked, cooked and served for a crunchy snack. But fortunately for this determined cicada, it landed in America.

Perhaps it found another human “tree substitute” to climb, or even more fortunate, flew back to wood and leaf to continue its spirited cicada life in song.



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9 Responses to Cicada On Board

  1. Tom McCubbin says:

    Funny how strange bugs just suddenly appear in our lives.

  2. dadirri7 says:

    one of my summer favourites, and this one has such wonderful green wing veins, a great honour to be host to this beauty! 🙂

    • smallpebbles says:

      Yes, it felt like some kind of welcome, but I have read that sometimes cicadas will mistake human bodies for trees or plant life – guess those big bulging eyes could use some glasses!

  3. I wonder what they symbolize- i.e as an animal totem.

  4. seeingm says:

    Supreme compliment from the universe to be mistaken for a tree in my book. Good energy surrounds such a leg as can have that happen. I have made that same trip many times, but in the sky. Happy trails. -x.M

  5. omtatjuan says:

    I’ve heard of them. But this is the first I’ve seen of them…

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