The Desert’s Amazing Life Forms – Part Two

New Mexico Desert Landscape

New Mexico Desert Landscape

“What does it mean to abide in the Heart? The Heart is Unobscured Consciousness, Pure Consciousness, no conditioning what-so-ever – Unborn – which is the very field in which every experience arises.”  Adyashanti 


   Walking along the deserted road at sunrise, colors intensified as each tree, each plant, each flower, the wild expanse of waving grass and all the critters seen and unseen enlivened with the touch of the sun’s life-giving light.

My steps took me further and further away from my desert “hut” and with each stride, the heart filled with desert song, each breath inhaled the passionate gifts of desert landscape.

Along the road-side a black color stood out against the green. With a closer look I saw this, and should you see one, never, ever reach out to touch – unless you want to experience being stung from an insect bearing down like a jolt from a live electrical appliance dropped in water (the reports are rather convincing!).

Tarantula Hawk "Wasp"

Tarantula Hawk “Wasp”

Later I found out this wasp is commonly called a Tarantula Hawk – and why? Because Tarantula Hawks use tarantulas and other large spiders as part of their reproductive cycle by first paralyzing the spider with their sting, then laying an egg on the spider’s abdomen. After that task is accomplished, the wasp drags the spider into a hole, covers and bury’s the spider along with the egg. And when the egg hatches? –  live food for the new-born, a 35 day spider feast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My, what unique ways Nature has evolved to keep generating new life-forms.

Each day hares appeared in my desert meanderings, munching on grasses, keeping a few hops ahead. When the light was just right, their delicate ears became translucent yellow antennae.


And their cousin, the jack rabbit – one friendly fellow was sitting at the end of the driveway one morning as I walked up, as if to greet me on my sunrise stroll. One day, he was joined by a compatriot, both listening to coyote howls in the distance – later along my path, I saw two coyotes running through a field, a wild blur of light brown intrigue and couldn’t help but wish for the jackrabbits safety.


When the sun re-appeared after a large downpour, the critters who went into hiding emerged to dry out, including this harmless Desert Striped Whipsnake. Not minding my presence, it did not move and seemed to rather enjoy the attention.




Here is one of the many varieties of desert lizards, this one took up residence along the rocky wall inside my room.


In reverence we receive the gifts of the desert and learn to walk with slow step and Silent Heart.

P   E   A   C   E


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11 Responses to The Desert’s Amazing Life Forms – Part Two

  1. lauriesnotes says:

    Much reverence and peace.. Thank you for sharing it..
    Love and gratitude,

  2. bg says:

    Thanks for taking us on your walk. What beautiful pictures and scenery. The jack rabbit looks amazingly fast. I am sure he is OK, unlike the spider.

  3. Beautiful post!! From the beginning quote to the stunning images, I felt the connection.

    • smallpebbles says:

      thanks Kimberly – whenever I read your posts, even the bits in the READER it is a great reminder of this magnificent Suchness – being alone in that desert environment, the smallest movements of nature penetrated with such tenderness….. so lovely to keep meeting “you”here in this funny blogging world…..xx

  4. dadirri7 says:

    amazing jackrabbit! abiding in stillness with you …when i was inside the MRI machine today 🙂

    • smallpebbles says:

      Dear – for whatever reason you had an MRI, do hope that all is well – and right now as these fingers hit the keys am sending waves of love to your body/being – from the Silent Heart we all are, that revealed itSelf so beautifully during your MRI. Please let me know how “you” are! xx

      • dadirri7 says:

        this me here with time and location is fine, still reverberating from all those over-the-top tests … but walking on the beach soon will help restore calm to the body … thank you for coming to me with your desert wildlife as meditation happened in the very noisy machine … nothing untoward was revealed 🙂 love and joy dear One 😀

  5. Jayashri Fairclough says:


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