The Desert’s Amazing Life Forms – Part Three – Birds

On a bright crisp desert morning I walked outside to the familiar buzz-buzzing of hummingbirds darting to and fro, suspended mid-air, moving from flower to flower in their morning nectar round-up. One rested on a nearby fence long enough to take this picture.


Later that day, I had the opportunity to visit the home and lush gardens of Michael, a gentle recluse who hand-built his fine crafted home and meditation room. The birds in his walled garden were busy pecking the dried heads of sunflowers and removing the seeds. I felt privileged to witness their harvesting and delight in so much abundance.


Notice the bug on the left-hand side


Sunflower seed inside the beak

Moving closer and closer, this bird finally succeeds.


DSC00952And so did this one, sunflower seeds! Hurray!


Seeing with Unknowing eyes this magnificence arising and passing away – such joy, such joy!



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6 Responses to The Desert’s Amazing Life Forms – Part Three – Birds

  1. Always such beauty in your work. YOu help us realize it truly is all around us 🙂

    • smallpebbles says:

      Has nothing to do with a “me” really – just coming through this No-thing-ness – sure makes for lots of laughter, the beauty is in the heart’s ability to “see” ay? xxxx……kai

  2. seeingm says:

    Setting the bird in the heart free free free!!!! A hummingbird buzzing the head while visiting the Grand Canyon once reminded me how to do this within myself. What a lovely reminder to find here after spending last night thinking about birds, too. -x.M

  3. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Wowzers, what amazing photos! Birds are incredible. Today watched a kestril plunge down and nab something tiny.

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