A Blessed New Year!

Greetings Blogging Friends!

Smallpebbles is holding a shiny small pebble reflecting images from India.


Since returning to South India in October 2013, blogging has been on hold, but on this turning of the yearly calendar page, it seems appropriate to touch back in, at least to say namaste to all you lovely blogging friends and send a New Years greetings to that awake embodied Presence We Are.

And maybe to remember how to do a blog post while the dots are still connecting!

The sacred Mountain Arunachala sits as a beacon of light in this town called Tiruvannamalai where I stay. Rather paradoxical, that such a solid appearing Mountain, is a potent reminder of our silent unborn Nature.
And here in India, so much life reveals itSelf……..as anyone who has ever been to India very well knows, life happens out in the open, the streets are full of moment to moment beautiful chaos.

So…. until the next time we meet.

Shanti Shanti Shanti


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14 Responses to A Blessed New Year!

  1. seeingm says:

    How lovely to find this little hello while on a quick break from my work. Best best best and loves loves love sent to you and yours now in 14! -x.M

  2. KM Huber says:

    I’ve missed you. Thanks for letting us know how and where you are. As always, lovely photos and thoughtful words.

  3. Madhu says:

    Thank you! And a very happy and fulfilling New Year to you too 🙂

  4. Alison says:

    My love to you, to Bakhti and Ram, to Tiru, and to blessed Arunachala. Namaste.

  5. I’ve missed you Kai. Glad you’re back!
    Thank you so much for linking me up with Lyse. Precious.
    SHANTI xox

  6. omtatjuan says:

    Wow! Hello! Greeting from California!

    • smallpebbles says:

      Greetings Back Juan………this is slooooow go to blog from here so just making a minor appearance for now……..glad to see you are still blogging!!

  7. dadirri7 says:

    wonderful to connect in the blogosphere again small pebbles … to share your views of India … the exultation, celebration, awe and presence … blessings for 2014!

  8. Jayashri Fairclough says:

    Yes, what a treat! Om shanti shanti shanti backatcha.

    • smallpebbles says:

      Jaya – oh this is like the pre-historic days of computing – sloooow! But couldn’t resist posting……..may have to go to town if more wants to post itself. Ah…….thanks for being here!

  9. lauriesnotes says:

    What a pleasant surprise to find this in my email! Blessings to you. You brought a warm smile. Thank you for being here.

    • smallpebbles says:

      Dear Laurie – so nice to feel your presence through this blog – very challenging to post from here but will try now and then……..wishing you the joy and peace of Being……xxoo….kai

      • lauriesnotes says:

        Yes..it was nice to feel your presence..it caught me off guard in the most tender way.Thank you for walking with me..♡ You have added more tenderness to the most sacred place in my heart.

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