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And a Walk by a Quiet Stream

In the last post we wandered through the forest, now let’s take a walk by the stream. To get there we must hop over rocks and several big boulders. An abstract artist painted this one. The moving water captivates and … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Forest

Please come with me into the forest…. first stop by the twin trees. Then meander by the hillside sparkling in the morning light. Or walk deeper into the dense woods. Look above your head, a wind-born traveler sits on a … Continue reading

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Cat Eyes

Something made me turn my head. Another being was following my progress down the road, looking through a screen-window. I stopped, and the mind said: cat Then: cat, yellow. Then: cat, yellow, big eyes, pretty. Quick! Camera! Click. Meanwhile, as … Continue reading

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One Seeing

“Never forget, what you’re looking for is what is looking.” – Wei Wu Wei –

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Who Sees?

Oh how marvelous it is to see Glory in the form of a tree, A bird, a flower, a stone –    a child sitting all alone. Who is looking and what is seen Other than Divinity.

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