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Squirrel – the Other Side of Silence

Hello Madam Squirrel (please excuse if actually you are a Mister)  Yes, as you can see, today is feast day, a bon appetite day in the compost bin – a new delicacy for your sensitive taste buds – baked squash … Continue reading

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Snake in the House!

This fella/gal came for a visit yesterday, found him/her on the basement stairs. Fortunately. Could have discovered him/her curled up in the bed, or taking a nap in the shower instead. Not that King snakes are poisonous…..still. So we relocated … Continue reading

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Wild and Free

   Walking near a creek I noticed something lying on the branches. The something looked back. Aware of my presence, it dove into the water. I was not in time to get a better shot. Splash. Gone into the underworld. … Continue reading

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Hidden in the Graveyard

Greetings from Fairfield, Iowa This is our second visit, we came here late last summer and liked it so much decided to return. The turning of spring into summer is bringing forth lots of flowers, and green explosions everywhere. Today, on … Continue reading

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On the Road to Nowhere

Rolling along the back roads of the mid-west.  Farmlands and nature, mile after mile.  ‘ First, can someone say anything about a shaggy horse? I mean, have seen plenty of shaggy dogs, shaggy sheep, shaggy human beings – but not … Continue reading

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