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The Desert’s Silent Song

a desert hymn a slide show  wonder . .  

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The Desert’s Amazing Life Forms – Part Three – Birds

On a bright crisp desert morning I walked outside to the familiar buzz-buzzing of hummingbirds darting to and fro, suspended mid-air, moving from flower to flower in their morning nectar round-up. One rested on a nearby fence long enough to … Continue reading

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Birds a Splishin’ and a Splashin’

Splish splash Birds enjoying a bath Showing how to play On a sunny day Simple and carefree Each moment this Reality HAVE A JOYFUL SPLISH SPLASH DAY!

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Robin Splash

Aah what a morning, For a bath!

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Bird Drink

Going down for a landing! One, two….. Three! Hey! I didn’t see you sitting there! Oops! Didn’t see that either! We may be all One but sure glad I have wings! Ciao!

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