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Kimchee Hai-Ya!

Today I decided to post something a little different… Why Kimchee? Because my friend Tara who has Multiple Sclerosis, recently told me how much she has benefitted by eating this calcium, protein, pro-biotic rich food. Tara can no longer walk … Continue reading

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Wild and Free

   Walking near a creek I noticed something lying on the branches. The something looked back. Aware of my presence, it dove into the water. I was not in time to get a better shot. Splash. Gone into the underworld. … Continue reading

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Stillness Dancing

When the drummers get drumming…… The dancers get dancing…. Stillness never misses a beat…. (Photos from June Art Walk, Fairfield, Iowa)

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Tie Your Toyota

This morning Chris and I stood at the kitchen windows appreciating the early morning light as it touched the nearby mountain peaks. Chris said looking down towards the yard below, “Oh, I guess you forgot to close the van doors, … Continue reading

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After Enlightenment the Laundry

Just because it was one of those odd ball mornings, I thought you might enjoy this silly tale.  Having arrived recently in California from India, Chris and I had accumulated a large load of dirty laundry. Rather than use the … Continue reading

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