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A Pause

Dear ONES – We are leaving for India and so want to take this opportunity to express our Gratitude and Heartfelt Appreciation  for all of you who have entered the smallpebbles gate. It may be awhile before the blog is up … Continue reading

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On the Road to Nowhere

Rolling along the back roads of the mid-west.  Farmlands and nature, mile after mile.  ‘ First, can someone say anything about a shaggy horse? I mean, have seen plenty of shaggy dogs, shaggy sheep, shaggy human beings – but not … Continue reading

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Toward Desert Sky

Hello Blogging Friends!  We are heading off to the desert in New Mexico where we will be in retreat for some days. No internet connection – just sun, moon, cactus, lizards, and sage. Your presence is appreciated at smallpebbles, so … Continue reading

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Time-No-Time Travel

We are once again (as of  April 15, 2013) posting from the U.S. after leaving beloved India and the searing heat in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu (106F/41C). Yikes! It took 48 hours of brain numbing travel time to make it around … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Devotion

Marching feet, blaring trumpets, colorful dancers,  a waxen saint – and in the temple, the golden Buddha smiles…  Chiang Mai, Thailand It is the ending of Buddhist Lent, also known as the “Rains Residence Retreat” that dates back to the … Continue reading


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