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I’ll Change the World By…

I’ll change the world by….. was a signboard at the ocean side in Long Beach, CA this past weekend. People chalked the board with spontaneous, pithy responses. Nearby, a few sand sculptures emerged from the beach – Testaments to what … Continue reading

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Not Photoshopped

By the stream, trotting over boulders, crossing back-and forth from one side of the water to the other, eyes downward. Then looking up to witness an unfolding drama. Now turning round in the other direction, the mountain peaks reflecting the glowing … Continue reading


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Road of Peace

On the road again, heading back from Iowa to California. Posts may be more intermittent, but just wanted to send a bouquet of PEACE. And thanks for all of you, mySelf, whose eyes may have wandered here.

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Awed into Silence

In this desert wonderland  I walk the dry earth surrounded by cacti. Playful winds send my straw hat flying. . In the early morning hours cries of coyotes sound Like high holy notes, wild and haunting. .  I stand outside … Continue reading

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Three on a Cart

Three Girls on a Cart Pass By on Their Voyage Around the Mountain Arunachala. In Silence… The Giggling of Hearts

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