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A Pause

Dear ONES – We are leaving for India and so want to take this opportunity to express our Gratitude and Heartfelt Appreciation  for all of you who have entered the smallpebbles gate. It may be awhile before the blog is up … Continue reading

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The Desert’s Amazing Life Forms – Part Two

“What does it mean to abide in the Heart? The Heart is Unobscured Consciousness, Pure Consciousness, no conditioning what-so-ever – Unborn – which is the very field in which every experience arises.”  Adyashanti     Walking along the deserted road at sunrise, … Continue reading

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After the Rain

A big rain last night, Lightening, thunder, In Forest Falls The dry earth rejoices. And so do we, give thanks For the liquid joy soaking into soil, Nourishing tree roots, Damping down tinder about to flash. Not far from here, … Continue reading

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