Hello and Namaste, welcome to Smallpebbles!

Greetings – and joyful well-wishes!

Our blog is a humble offering for peace, silence and the beauty WE ALL ARE. It is a Simple blog about simply Being.

Here you might read true stories, whimsical tidbits, spontaneous mumblings, inspiring quotes – words from the heart accompanied with photographs (that may or may not be in focus depending on whether or not Kai used her reading glasses while snapping away!).

In the winter months we post from South India. The rest of the year (generally spring to fall) we post from the U.S. The photos you see and words you read are taken from what might show up on any given day.

Kai (mostly) and Chris (occasionally with photos) are the faces behind Smallpebbles. What started as a blog to record our cross-country U.S. travels in 2012 has since blossomed into an ongoing creative venture and has introduced us to so so many beautiful beings in the blogging community.

Your comments are appreciated! Please leave them! We will do our best to answer each one. And many thanks if you hit the LIKE button on a post you’ve enjoyed.

You can sign on to follow Smallpebbles at the right side of any page under “Follow Blog via Email.” Then you will receive a notice when a new post is added. We are open source, however if you use our photographs, we would be grateful if you mentioned they came from smallpebbles.com.

 “If one remains at peace oneself, there is only peace everywhere”    –  Ramana Maharshi –

245 Responses to Welcome

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